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Amazing artwork made for me

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Awesome Arts For Me!! 8DD

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Best of the best of the best!~ *GO WATCH THEM!*


src=''bg for custom boxes by DeceptiBonk'">''/>

Noragami Gif by Izza-chan


:star: MY BESTIES!~:heart: <3 :star:
(Adding Only The CLOSEST Friends!)

:iconlunathebunnie: My REAL LIFE BFF I met On The Most Awesome Camping Of The World! QwQ...<3 I AM SO HAPPY WE MET!! Never Thought We Would Build Up Sucha Close Friendschip!! We Laughed About The Most Stupid Thing Together...And Cried About The Most Painful Moments Together.....You keep improving in your art everyday and you're one of the most amazing tablet artist i know! <3 lol when i start drawing on that thing...:U ahum well lets say im an disaster with it :XD: I Truly look up to you in your art jk! <3 i adore the style you draw in and your ideas! and and just everything! XD....Im Nothing Wthout You Passie <3~ Pascalle My RL BFF 4 EVA!

:iconshimthefox: My other Real Life Friend!! X3 Gosh! When We Are Together Luni Needs To Calm Us Or Were TAKING OVER THE WORLD! >8D. When We Have Time Together Its ABSOLUTY The Most CRAZY Time In The Whole Week! <3 Shim is a amazing person to talk with , very kind , and since this year also a very awesome cosplayer! Sadly We Dont See Each Other That Much DX..Shimmie! A Wonderful Crazy Friend!~:heart:

:iconsilver-senpai: OK And now Dat Weirdo Gurl :U.....DAT ABSOLUTY DESERVES TO BE ADDED :heart: Bwaaaaah ;;A;; Shes Just Sucha Nice Girl! And Absoluty EPIC To Talk With! XDD Every Conversation Just Gets Crazyer And Crazyer! XDD Will It Ever End? Also Her Art Is Just EPIC ;A; She Has A Very Different Style And Every Picture Were You Think Yep This Is Her Best Pic! No It Can Get Better And Better And Dat Everyday!. Kessie! A Crazy Awesome Dutchie Girl Where I Look Up To As My Big Sissie! :U :heart:~

:iconmartyna-chan: MARTYYYYY~ ;A; MY LOVELY TWIN....*sobs* ohmygoshweSOshouldbetwins*sobs*;A; You can draw amazingly in Sonic , Anthro , Anime , Styles! <3 I Adore your pictures and you keep improving , evry time i see art of you in my inbox it makes me happy to see how much you've improved again and how imma proud of my big twinnie~;A; , We share the same addiction to one certain person.....e///n///e hueee.....OK OK D///X NO NO NO FANGRILING IN THIS BOX! meepishouldnt;//; meeep......LOVELY SOUL EATER EVANS! <''3 both of our current big anime crush! he is the reason we started talking a bit........*cough*...ahum...;pretty much: :XD: way too much *doesn't even fuckin finish homework to reply to ur comments hue* ;A; amg i rlly gotta stop now don't I? this is getting too long sadly ;A; hue. Martyna An amazing fangirl , My twin , And an amazing artist :heart:

:iconhelenathecat: O M G AMANDA-CHANNN <''3 :heart: You are sucha sweety!~ You are like omg sucha fun girl to talk with <''3 Everyday I come out of school and I go on my laptop and see you are online I just get happy <''3 You're just always able to make me happy! When i'm sad , down , or just had a bad day , Talking with you makes me happy again <'3 , Also you are a great writer and artist! You're storys are just like books when i read them which I love and you're drawings are just all masterpieces <''3 , Also you have a amazing dog with ana amazing wall-love-story c: , Srsly Amanda-chan!? Can you get more awesome than you already are? We're able to understand each other so well also.....I'm grateful for the fact that you came into my life!~ <3 , Amanda , An amazing artist , writer and most of all an amazing friend :heart:

Black Butler - Joker by CandyAddict774

*Anime fangirl to hell*


src=''bg for custom boxes by DeceptiBonk'">''/>



Animes i've watched and wanna watch ene so imma no forget....

:heart:Tokyo Mew Mew = First anime ever ;A; gah
:heart:Black Butler = Second anime ever xD still special
:star:Black Butler 2 = Finished! <3
:star:Pandora Hearts = Finished! <3
:star:He's My Master = Finished! xD;
:star:Angel Beats = Finished! <3
:heart:Soul Eater = Finished! <'''''3
:heart:Puella Magi Madoka Magica = Finished! <3 my first cosplay
:star:Elfenlied = Finished <3;
:star:Sword Art Online = Finished <3/DX
:heart:Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanajo = Finished <''3 yess
:heart:Durarara!! = Finished! <''3 yess
:star:NouCome = Finished! <3 gah most funny anime EVER!!
:star:Death Note = Unfinished
:star:Soul eater NOT = Finished.
:heart:Dangan Ronpa = Finished! <''3
:heart:Mekakucity Actors = Finished! <''3
:star:The daily life of highschool boys = Finished xD
:heart:Noragami - Finished! <''3
:heart:Haikyuu = Finished! <3
:heart:Kaichou wa maid sama = watching
:star:Mirai nikki = watching
:star:One Piece = watching
:star:Kuroshitsuji 3 = finished<'' sad....
:star:Gun Gale Online = finished! <''3
:star:Tamako Market = finished! <''3
:heart:Diabolik Lovers = finished! <''3

Animes I Might Watch..

Fairy Tail
Ano Hana
Tonari no kaibutsu-kun
K project
No game no life
Ouran High School
Shugo Chara
Kamisama Kiss
Tales of the Abyss
Free, Iwatobi swim club
Free, Eternal Summer
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Servant x Service
Uta no prince sama
DRAMAtical murder
Love stage
Baka to test to shoukanjuu

Not released yet

Durarara!! Season 2
Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Black Butler - Snake by CandyAddict774

My To Do List!


src=''bg for custom boxes by DeceptiBonk'">''/>



:iconmissingthegalaxy: - Sketch done -

:icondragongoddess1: Sascha - Not started yet -


:iconhelenathecat: Jack. Halfbody shaded + BG

:iconxcarameltoffiex: Fullbody shaded + BG of Arielle, Halfbody shaded + BG of Nico

:iconstar-of-magenta: 2 halfbody shaded pictures of Rachel, one like a ID




:iconparksartfantasy: Magika - full body shaded with background

:iconhelenathecat: Amanda - full body shaded + Helena - bust shot shaded NO BACKGROUNDS, IDK style of Ink , Full bod flatcolor of Lucifer , Halfbody flatcolor of Amanda





COMM'S from::icondajamodernthehedgie: COMM - 1 Doll , 1 Chibi , One Special Style , All Of Jessie - PAID

:iconxxthornthevamphogxx: COMM - 1 Picture of Jessie - PAID

:iconradi0activ3-senpai: COMM - 1 picture: one of nico one PAID

:iconbleu-angel: AT - Nico X Luna or Ikumi

:icontavithetiger: COMM - One Icon of Jessie and one sketch of Jessie - PAID

:iconfrostbite-wolf: COMM - Sketch of Ikumi - PAID

:iconmissingthegalaxy: AT Nico X Luna

:icondragongoddess1: AT Ikumi X Lucifer


Small update! + art stuff

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2015, 3:22 PM
Hey guys!~ Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] 

Sooo I had an amazing day yesterday because I went to Tsunaconnn!~ with :iconlunathebunnie: And I also had a sleepover with her there and it was so much fun- I can't- kaomoji set 1 7/19 

And at Tsunacon I fot to meet so many amazing people!! Including :iconsilver-senpai: Adn omfggg- that was so amazing!! <''33 I wanted to meet her for so long so asdfghj- //diespractically

ANYWAY!~ kaomoji set 2 18/67 

I've got vacation now so that means I have time to work on art again!~


List what I want to get done this vacation: 

Comission for :iconembodiment-of-ice: - Done
Art Trade for :iconmissingthegalaxy: - Done
Art Trade for :icondragongoddess1: 
Comission for :iconxxthelolliepopwolfxx:
Comission for :iconparksartfantasy:

Gifts for :iconlunathebunnie: & :iconhelenathecat: kaomoji set 1 3/19 


I'm gonna do my best to finish all that!~

JTT Is out!~



src=''bg for custom boxes by DeceptiBonk'">''/>


Black Butler - Doll by CandyAddict774

Fav AMV's ATM C:


src=''bg for custom boxes by DeceptiBonk'">''/>



src=''bg for custom boxes by DeceptiBonk'">''/>


Microsoft Paint by LumiResources & The GIMP by LumiResources

:star: STAMPS! :star:

:rose: About Me! :rose:

Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96 Forgetful by prosaix Sleep is Overrated Stamp by Mirz123Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 PLZ Stamp by LumiResources Idea Stamp by LumiResources Keywords Stamp by LumiResources Layton Remembers Stamp by orian-stamps Support Breathing Stamp by Bleu-Foxx Me Stamp by JetProwerTheFox STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz So Many Books by LaPurr Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Wishful Thinking by whispwill Stamp - Oneshot by Nyfaline Nice to Me Stamp by Mirz123 :thumb124473727:


I love White Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist I love Siberian Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist I love Arctic Foxes by WishmasterAlchemistI love Jaguars by WishmasterAlchemist I love Black Panthers by WishmasterAlchemist .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie

:heart: ABOUT MY ART! :heart:

Requests stamp by MeganTheRabbit Too Lazy To Draw Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Everyone Can Draw stamp. by the-emo-detectiveStamp - Art is... by CelesJessa digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK I make faces stamp by GracelessLove

:cd: ABOUT MY MUSIC! :cd:

one-x fan stamp by Kanga-Rue :thumb151926403: :thumb151930315: Evanescence Fan by shaloneSK Evanescence Stamp by xXMoonlightOwlXx :Stamp:Skillet by blackmoongirl Stamp-Skillet by Jazzy-C-Oaks

:heart: IM A FAN OF :heart:

DRRR Stamp... WEEE by webcamshadow Shizaya stamp by shizayastamp1plz Stamp Sakurasou 1 by Kocurzyca Soul x Maka stamp by Superpluplush


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